Does your sports team need to fund the purchase of their uniforms and equipment? Foster a partnership between your school and the business community. Offer local businesses the opportunity to promote themselves every time your team has a home and away game.

Offer Potential Sponsors More Advertising Area Than a Sports Shirt

Often, the standard approach to this type of business promotion is printing the business’ logos on the team shirts. Mind you, the business names are hard to read because they are on a softball or basketball player running on the field or court. And the only information you can fit on the jersey is a company name and logo.

Instead up the ante and results by offering businesses the opportunity promote their products and services with large signs and banners that you can easily post on out door fences and bleachers. Each sturdy and waterproof banner is made with reinforced grommets, allows a team member to put it up in a couple minutes at every home and away game. Banners are also a convenient mobile solution, because you can just roll it up and take it with you.

A Win-Win For Your Organization and Business Sponsors

With this arrangement, your team raises the money they need and the business increases the awareness of their products and services, every time your teams’ parents, family and fans sit on the bleachers to cheer you on.

Find Some Businesses Who Want To Sponsor Your Teams and Events

The local retail establishments and the home and business services needed and used by the parents and fans of your school team are a great promotional fit. This includes home repair and maintenance contractors such as, plumbers,electricians, painters, roofers, and landscapers along with restaurants, lawyers, accountants, and any local retail businesses.


So, team up with the businesses in your community. Gain the funds you need for your sport teams uniforms and equipment while helping local businesses gain new customers.

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