Customized Tote Bags

Yes!…potential customers  are using the internet more than ever to find products and services but their still isn’t anything that brings out the kid in everybody like something free! Essentially that what promotional items are.  Giving future prospects and current customers something they can use with you logo and information on it.  Win-Win. Business cards will be tossed as soon as the contact info is entered in their phones but branded items that are useful will hang on on prospects desks or in their cars or homes. Also remember that when someone is given something they want to give you something back!

Brand Retention

The small token of appreciation helps prospects to remember your company and know that you value them.

Brand impression

People will associate the feeling they had receiving the item with your company. The item gives your company some personality and allows you to interact person to person.

Brand Promotion

Many good and useful promotional items are kept and used. Each time they are used in front of others, your company will be promoted.  Also, many items are also passed on to someone else improving your marketing reach.

Promotional Products Are More Than Just Shirts, Keychains, Pens, and Mugs!

  • Flash Drives – Put your media kit or anything else on the drive for easy access on an item you know your customer will use over and over.
  • Day Planners / Portfolios – A way to become a part of your client’s everyday life as they go from meeting with your brand. I subtle imprint of logo works best.
  • Sticky Notes / Note Pads – Want to hang out on your prospects desk for months then sticky notes are the way to go. Remember that people write it down and pass it around!
  • Travel Items – Travel bags, mugs, or pillows are some suggestions for travel items. These items are useful and personal just like you want your company thought about!
  • Stress Ball – Make somebody’s tough day a bit better.  They items stay around the office for a while and yes… they are tossed between cubicles!

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About Graphic Image Promotions

Graphic Image Promotions specializes in three main areas…

Graphic Image Promotions Signage

Graphic Image Promotions Custom Apparel

Graphic Image Promotions - Promotional Products


Graphic Image Promotions creates custom signage, apparel and promotional products that  materialize your brand, message or service.  Specializing in these three areas gives our customers more brand consistency as their brand is visually represented identically whether it’s signage, apparel, or a promotional item.


We partner with you to create the best apparel, product, or signage for your project. We don’t look at projects as one time transactions. We work with you to create a strategy for your promotions, so all your projects have the cumulative effect of achieving your marketing goals.


Graphic Image Promotions goes the extra “customer service” mile for our customers and guarantees your project will be on time and on budget.