Limited Time and Budget

The Maderia Farmer’s Market needs maximum exposure with a limited time frame and budget. Graphic Image Promotions has been helping them since the beginning!  The market receives some funding from the City of Madeira so when those funds become available, we have to act quickly to produce the needed items as quickly as possible.

Our Plan

  1. Signage – Banners, street banners, building signs, pole signs, yard signs, sidewalk signs, stickers, reusable window stickers, table cloths, and tents. We have reused the original street banner by updating just the dates each year and then we are able to create new yard signs with the savings. The large street banner is placed in an area with the most traffic possible. It is durable and will get multiple years of use. The smaller and more inexpensive yard signs then can be placed strategically for maximum exposure.
  2. Promotional Products – Tote bags. Customers will reuse the totes and be reminded to attend the Madeira Farmer’s Market each time.
  3. Custom Apparel – T-Shirts, hats and aprons to advertise during the event.


Graphic Image Promotions has been partnering with Madeira Farmer’s Market since its creation. Together with their hard work and the right advertising with our signage and promotional products, they have done very well. They have continued to grow with new vendors and customers every year! The market is now open year round!

Our Work

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Graphic Image Promotions can help your Farmer’s Market or other type of event get noticed. 

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More About the Madeira Farmer’s Market

Madeira Market – now open all year Round!!!

Thursdays from 3:30-7pm
Located in the heart of downtown Madeira at the corner of Miami and Dawson

Fall/winter location and hours:
Thursdays from 3:30-6pm
Located in the Madeira Silverwood Presbyterian Church
8000 Miami Avenue

Visit their website: