Retaining Customers / Getting Repeat Business

This spring, I needed to have my lawn mowed earlier than usual. So, I plucked the mowing business’ magnet off of the fridge and stared at their telephone number as I called them. I didn’t recall their name at first, so I needed that magnet. After all, it’s not like I contacted them during the winter. So, without that magnet, I might have found another company.

Inspiring Customer Loyalty

Recently, I smiled when drinking from the coffee mug sent to me by my favorite graphics designer. It was really cool that the firm’s owner sent it me last Xmas as a thank you gift for my business.

Creating Positive Associations

It’s all about the feeling your prospect gets and the image you present. Promotional items selected with the business, event and intended audience in mind, have impact. Whether it’s a water/windproof brochure holder on the outside of the contractor’s truck or a classy, metal tone pen given out by a legal firm, both items help potential customers gain a complimentary impression of (and sometimes information about) your business.

The right item fosters positive associations and reinforces your advertising message; creating a powerful effect. The hands-on experience of holding and using the item leaves a memorable impression in the minds of your customers and “customers to be.”

Consider using promotional items to…

  • Increase Customer Retention
  • Attract New Customers
  • Foster Brand Awareness
  • Launch a New Product or Service
  • Establish Name Recognition
  • Increase Repeat Business
  • Stimulate Trade Show Traffic
  • Inspire Customer Loyalty
  • Reactivate Old Accounts

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